David Kessler is an accomplished and award winning Director of Photography and Cinematographer. His sizeable portfolio includes movies, commercials and music videos.


His devotion to sculpting light and his Keen eye for composition is self-evident. It's in his DNA and is at the very core of who he is. David"s influence came from his father, an accomplished illustrator, artist and ad-man. This study of and appreciation of light and shadow, shape and form was learned at a very young age and naturally evolved into his passion for cinematography.


David"s inate talent to manipulate and mold light in all forms, both natural and artificial, and his sophisticated eye for detail, composition and motion creates memorable and breathtaking images.

He does this by always pushing himself to find innovative and creative lighting solutions, and even in the most challenging of production environments, while keeping a perspective eye on crafting evocative and long lasting visuals.


Because of the variety and breath of his work, his flexible working style, and abilty to collaborate with colleagues and clients while always mindful to budgets and schdules, he has become a sought after and trusted collaborator for commercial work.


David was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, studied at the University of Texas in Austin and now calls Los Angeles, California home along with his wife and muse Marla and their three children.



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